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Our association has several aims:

  1. The promotion of a cooperation as partners with Ghana, especially the support of people in need living in Dormaa-Ahenkro in the region called Brong Ahafo and further Ghanaian regions

  2. The promotion of education by means of nursery schools, school and an education center including a financial independent pillar which is the internet café

  3. The promotion of employment to reduce a migration to the cities

  4. The conservation of the regions’ cultural heritage particularly those of Brong Ahafo

  5. The promotion of an intercultural exchange as well as an international understanding by means of giving European volunteers and trainees the possibility of working for and supporting different projects in Ghana as well as by receiving Ghanaian exchange partners into Germany

These aims are realized by providing help to create a basis where people can help themselves, to guarantee basic needs in the future like education, employment and health care.


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